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Contact Information and appointment booking


1) Appointments

Appointments are mandatory for all consular and visa questions that require personal attendance. Appointments can be booked via our online system. Please make sure to use the correct appointment category and be aware that appointments are not offered on a daily basis for each category. Appointments are usually published four weeks in advance.

If you need a certification of signature for any other document than a police record application or an abstract of a commercial/ aliens’ register, please contact the legal section latest three days prior to your appointment. The embassy can then check if a certification of signature will be possible during your appointment.

Copies can be certified if you need to submit documents in Germany. Please book an appointment in the category „certifications of signature“ and bring all originals with you.

There is a security check upon entering the embassy. Cell phones have to be left in the entrance area. It is not allowed to use cell phones in the waiting area. Therefore, please make sure to have all necessary documents with you as a printout. It is not allowed to bring any luggage into the embassy. There is no storage area available.

2) contact information

This website includes information on several consular topics. Please also check information availaible in German and Lithuanian. If your question is not answered by this website, you can contact the legal and visa section here or by using our telephone hotline:

Monday through Thursday between 1.30pm and 3pm

at +370 5 210 64 32

In emergency cases (loss of passport or identity card) you can contact the embassy at +370 5 210 64 00. After business hours (till 10pm) you can contact the embassy at +370 650 55510.

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